About Cortech Alternative Energy Solutions Inc

 (Cortech Energy)

Cortech Energy is a subsidiary of Cortech International Group of Companies registered in Canada and Somaliland where Cortech Energy particularly specializes in alternative energy solutions. 


We manage every stage in assessment, design, development, and installation of our client’s energy needs.

Our energy solutions range from energy assessment to fully turnkey energy solutions that meet or exceed customer expectation.


Cortech Energy employs the latest technology to accurately serve our customers on services, support and maintenance in order to meet your energy goals.


Every employee at the company is fully committed to bringing the most innovative and robust energy solutions to exceed our clients’ expectations. We strive to deliver quality products for our customers, always!


Our products are available in a standard design or fully customized to suit our customer’s specific needs.


Fun Fact: Did you know Somaliland enjoys 310 sunny days in a year, in fact, nearly 3,720 hours of sunlight, annually.

As a result, makes it a perfect ideal environment for generating clean energy through solar.

Why choose us from the rest?

  • Our approach is simple: we firmly believe that using electricity directly from the sun is the right thing to do for both our environment and economy.

  • We carefully look at your current utility rate or your power generation fuel consumption then direct you to the best solar solution possible to save you money.

  • We analyze our current system performance on hourly/daily/monthly basis based on actual site conditions and implement the best solar electrification option available.

  • We will walk you through the potential savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

  • We do a comprehensive assessment of your energy needs, which will help you optimize your energy usage or for production.

  • We continuously research the latest products and choose the best technology for every application.

  • We acquired tools to accurately determine your return on investment, we neither guess, nor rely on optimistic estimates.

  • Our strong work ethics allows us to be best in the business

  • Our unmatched customer services enable us to be a leader in this business

Who we serve?

✔ Residential buildings

✔ Commercial buildings including production plants, governmental institutions, private institutions

✔ Solar farms

✔ Independent Power Providers

✔ NGOs

✔ All urban and rural communities to harness the abundance of sunlight available in Somaliland and generate electricity onsite with solar.

Our initial assessment will help you to choose effective energy solutions for your energy needs, consequently, we’ll deliver your projected energy solutions on time, on budget with minimal disruptions to your existing operations.


Our goal is to provide the most economically effective method in energy solutions to every customer by using top quality materials that are the latest the in solar technology.


Our key team members are members of Professional Installers in North America, we embrace the member’s code of conduct as our own.

For every solution, we provide design concepts; a turnkey system, with upfront reasonable price.

We’re grateful to be strategically located in Hargeisa, Somaliland, as we’re determined to leverage our unmatched expertise and services. It is also our Home!

Our Products

✔ Photovoltaic (PV) Solar panels

✔ Mounting systems: customizable brackets and standard adjustable racks

✔ Charge controllers

✔ Lithium-Ion Batteries

✔ Lead Acid Carbon batteries

✔ Inverter

✔ Switchovers

✔ Energy optimizing systems

✔ Monitoring Systems

✔ Solar Security lights

✔ Solar runway ground, premises and security lights

✔ Day lighting products

✔ Greenhouse lighting

✔ Garden solar lighting

✔ Energy efficient lighting

✔ Energy smart meters and monitors

✔ Packaged grid-tie systems

✔ Portable solar generators & power systems

✔ Solar heating and cooling systems

✔ Solar streetlights & traffic signs

✔ Solar pool heaters

✔ Solar water heaters

✔ Solar water pumps

✔ Automation systems

✔ Dual use spaces such as vehicle parking beneath of solar array on top